The Dream 1/24/17 is coming

The dream

I had a dream last night that I was on my knees on a beach at 2 o’clock in the morning, crying in anguish from the pain I had been suffering caused by horrifying nightmares I had been having. With tears streaming from my eyes and my face buried in my hands, I yelled out, “God, why have you been tormenting my soul like this?” At that moment I heard a loud voice say, “Look up!” As I did I saw a streak of light shooting across the sky and from its tail appeared a beautiful angel. I watched in awe as this heavenly being dressed in a shining white gown with black wavy hair, piercing blue eyes and wings sparkling gold, began to descend from the sky towards me. She hovered just above the sand, reached her hand to mine and said, “The Essence of all life has heard your cries my child, now take my hand and come with me.” I took her hand and instantly we were in the heavens and I could see an entire world stretched out beneath us. She waved her free hand over that world as she said, “See what the Spirit of God will reveal to you.” I looked back down and I could see below me a beautiful planet and it was divided into nations of all types and colors of strange looking creatures. In the middle of these nations one nation stood out, and in the center of that nation a huge dark green scaly beast with five heads, ten arms and a thousand hands crawled out of a hole in the ground on its belly like a snake. It was so hungry that it began to search wildly all over that nation for something to eat. Then spotting some seemingly plump creatures it began grabbing them with all its hands and shoving them into each of its mouths mercilessly. It ate these creatures, stripping their flesh to bones, and then it threw the bones into a huge pile. When there was none left to eat, it lifted its heads and seeing there were more seemingly plump creatures in all the nations around, it summoned two other beasts just like itself. The two new beasts began to slither from out of holes which appeared in two smaller nations. The first to completely emerge was black and the other orange. These three beasts then stretched out their hands together and began to eat the seemingly plump creatures in the nations throughout that world. Then I saw another nation far away with stars shining bright all around its borders. When the creatures of that bright star nation realized what the beasts were doing they joined forces with the creatures of the other nations of that world and together they killed the three beasts. Then they divided the beast’s conquered nations among themselves, and saved the rest of the seemingly plump creatures from being eaten. All the creatures having pity on the seemingly plump creatures gave them a nation of their own far away from where the beast first crawled out of the hole and there was finally peace in that world. Only the beasts were not really dead. In a little while the green beast once again crawled out of a new hole in the ground in another nation not far from where it first appeared and it was even bigger and uglier than before. This time it had eight heads and two extra arms with hands bigger than the other thousand hands. In one of the large hands it held a hammer and in the other a sickle. With the smaller hands it grabbed ahold of the creatures in that nation and when it had them all it reached out and grabbed the creatures of the nations all around it and held them tight. I watched in horror as the two big hands began to slash and pound the creatures of those nations until it turned bright red with their blood. Then it looked all around that world and when it spotted the seemingly plump creatures all gathered in one nation, its hunger for their flesh arose again. The beast then summoned forth the black beast from a boiling black tarry hole in the ground of a nation right next to the nation of the seemingly plump creatures. This beast reared its ugly black head and roared like a lion so loud that every creature in that world heard it. Then it lunged towards the seemingly plump creatures to devour them, but this time the seemingly plump creatures fought back and when the creatures of the bright star nation vowed they would fight with the seemingly plump creatures the black beast retreated in fear. These two beasts being so blood thirsty tried again to reach out and devour the seemingly plump creatures; only this time from over the bright star nation appeared a large silver screen and from that screen leaped a beautiful white stallion carrying a large creature dressed in white with a silver star on its chest. This white creature rode on the stallion to a city on a hill where it grabbed the hand of a godly creature dressed in purple garments. Together they shouted, “We come in the name of God,” and began to chip the thousand hands from off the once green beast now red from the blood of the creatures it held and they freed the nations and the creatures that beast held so tightly. The red beast, remembering how the bright star nation defeated it once before, retreated again and it appeared to all the creatures that there would now finally be peace again in that world. The red beast seemed as if it were going to be a friend of the bright star nation and the godly creature in the purple garments; but the black beast wrapped itself in golden garments similar to that of the godly creature. The black beast disguised in golden garments was furious with the creatures of the bright star nation for stopping it from devouring the seemingly plump creatures, so it struck the heart of the bright star nation with four huge bolts of lightning, as it proclaimed to all the creatures of that world, “I’ve come in the name of God.” The creatures of the bright star nation were wounded terribly, but they united and began to fight the black beast in the golden garments pretending to be godly. This angered the two beasts so much that they released spirits of darkness on the bright star nation tormenting its creatures with division, fear, hatred, and murder. The creatures of the bright star nation became confused by what was happening to their nation, but they continued to fight the black beast wearing the golden godly garments. As they fought the red beast being frustrated with great anger caused by the bright star nation summoned the orange beast. In fear I watched as a horrific cesspool of poisonous toxins appeared right in the heart of the bright star nation. The orange beast was even more repulsive then the red and black beasts and it arose with the stench of the cesspool all over it. The orange beast being cunning concealed itself with white garments similar to those of the creature who once appeared over the bright star nation on the white stallion and it plotted secretly with the other two beasts. Then the orange beast began to roam all over the bright star nation deceiving and dividing the creatures as it pretended to be one of their godly creatures and a friend of the seemingly plump creatures. The orange beast was so deceitful and shrewd it convinced the creatures to choose it to be their leader and to fight for them against the black beast in the golden garments portending to be godly. As soon as the orange beast was in control of the bright star nation it openly took the hands of the other two beasts and they sunk their fangs into the heart of that planet and started to suck it dry of its life-sustaining blood. Then the three beasts began blowing thick poisonous black phosphor smoke from their mouths. Beginning to die, that planet started to shake painfully and the winds roared as the planet tried to survive the plundering of the three beasts. The creatures of all the nations started to get sick and die as the poison began covering that entire world. When the creatures of the bright star nation realized their new leader was truly one of the beasts they started to shout,” lock the beast up!” Only now the beast had so much power that it stripped the creatures of all their rights to object. Then it took off the white garments revealing its true putrid smelling hideous orange beastly identity. When the godly creature in purple garments in the city on the hill saw what the orange beast had done it called all creatures to unite and fight against the orange beast. All three beasts became enraged and together they went to the city on the hill and they tore the godly creature to pieces in the center of the city so that all the creatures would see. Many of creatures revolted and began to fight against the three beasts, but their power was too strong; and they tortured and killed any creature that dared to challenge their rule. Young and old, rich and poor, none were sparred. Then the red beast which summoned the black and orange beasts remembered the seemingly plump creatures and its craving for the taste of their flesh arose ferociously. The three beasts realizing they had finally defeated the creatures of the bright star nation, decided they could now freely eat and strip to the bone the seemingly plump creatures once again. As I watched, the three beasts became one hideous monstrous beast and it began to drag one third of the nations of that world towards the nation of the seemingly plump creatures to devour them. From within the nation of the seemingly plump creatures stood up a large creature wearing a silver robe with millions of tiny stars shining bright as the heavens all over it. This creature shouted so loud that every creature in that world could hear it yell, “Stop! We will not give one more drop of our blood to feed the beast!” Every creature in that world began to tremble as they begged the beast to stop, only the beast refused, shouting back, “Your flesh and the flesh of your children are mine to feast on and I alone shall rule this world from the throne of your fathers!” and it kept heading towards the nation of the seemingly plump creatures. As the beast reared up to pounce on the seemingly plump creatures the large creature in the silver starry robe lite a fire over the head of the beast so big that it consumed all life in that world. In shock, I began to cry out hysterically, “NO! NO!” Then I turned towards my angel guide and shouted, “Why have you shown all this to me?” With tears in her eyes she looked at me and said, “Because what you have been shown is the evil trying to destroy your world as we speak, but this is not the will of God, the true Essence of all life.” She then waved her arm up toward the heavens as she said, “Look.” I looked up and saw a multitude of beautiful tiny lights dancing all around a light so bright that I had to look away. Then she turned back towards me as she said, “The lights you see are all the pure innocent souls of the children yet to be born, that will not be born, if you allow the human race to continue on the path it is on now.” With my heart breaking and my mind stunned I said, “Me! What can I do? I’m no one.” She smiled at me gently as she replied, “Give them the message Christ has given you to weave between the lines of the Forbidden Child Series. Show them they can change the future of the world if they come together in the spirit of Christ and the power of His Unconditional Love and Divine Mercy for all life. ” I screamed at her in frustration, “How! I’ve tried for three years now and they are not listening to me! What else can I do?” Then she pointed one finger towards the earth and said, “Quickly, look at the shooting comet I came to you on.” As I looked it landed in the nation of America and burst into a flash of bright light. I turned to her and asked, “What does this mean?” She let go of my hand and said, “This shell be is a sign to comfort your heart. Now wake up and write what the spirit of God has revealed to you this very night. In a short time the people you have been praying for will see and understand what the spirit of Christ is saying to America.” I instantly woke up and at 7am on 1/24/17 I started to write and I did not stop until 11:30pm, the time I finished writing what the spirit of God had revealed to me, and I collapsed on my bed. All night I tossed and turned with a heavy heart. The next morning and that entire day I anguished over the vision in the dream. Hoping to get it out of my mind I set down to watch the evening news and I was shocked when David Muir from ABC showed a video report of a comet bursting over the State of North Carolina with the same tail as the one in my dream. Instantly my heart felt peace and I got up and started to edit what I had written. Once I knew the edit was complete I spent the entire next day praying over what to do with this message. Finally at 11pm 1/26/17 I realized I had to go public with this message. Now with all my heart I pray God will honor the angel’s words to me and bless the American people with a brighter future, Amen. If your heart can see what you have just read is a plea from heaven for the survival of our world, then please share this with those you love. Your friend, James Aiello author of the Forbidden Child Series

My friends, I posted this letter on my Facebook page on January 27th, 2017, and without realizing it, the 27th was the International Holocaust Remembrance day!

Also two more meters have landed in America within three days of my post. If you look closely at the photo of the meter I’ve posted you can see the Angels wings.

Thank you my friends for your time.

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