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Forbidden Child IV:

Christina’s Inferno




I sat there stunned, not hearing or even seeing anyone around me, as I thought, “OH God, what do we do now? I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and it’s crushing my heart. I need you to guide me. I don’t know what to do, but I do know that I’m a heartbeat away from launching an all-out nuclear war and I can’t see any way out of it.”  

After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally snapped out of my momentary madness when I heard, “Madam President, Madam President, did you hear me?”  Then I felt the Secretary of Defense gently shake my wrist, “Christina, are you alright?” 

I looked up into my dear friend’s eyes, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said all branches of the United States Military and all of our NATO allies are waiting for your word.  The decision is yours Christina. You’ve been briefed and you know all our options. There’s not much time left.  If we are going to make a stand, we are going to have to move quickly.  You need to let us know what you want us to do.”

I stood up at the helm of the Situation Room, looked around at all of my top Generals, turned back to my Secretary of Defense, “I want you to activate The National Emergency Broadcast Alert System and inform the country to prepare for an emergency address by the President of the United States; then go prepare for me to address the Nation from the Oval Office in 20 minutes.” as I turned to walk to the oval office, I began to prepare in my mind on how to address the nation.

 As I walked, I knew the entire world would be anticipating my address.  As soon as I stood in front of the President’s desk, the camera man alerted me. I swallowed my heart, stood strong, and defiant and said, “My fellow Americans, I come to you tonight to inform you that our nation is under a direct threat from our enemies as we speak. As you know, Russian and Chinese naval forces are steaming towards the American shores as their armies and air forces are preparing to invade our NATO allies in Europe. At the same time, a United Front of Arab Nations led by Saudi Arabia’s King Mohammed Fehd are massing troops along Israel’s borders. They are threatening an all-out invasion!”

“The peace terms they offer, is for America and her allies to surrender our sovereign freedoms and the enslavement of our nations people. They demand we surrender our government and our financial independence to the will of the council leader, King Mohammed Fehd!

   “We must stand together and fight them on every front! We cannot let them take over the world. America will not surrender her sovereign rights and human dignity to the whims of a madman! Right now America, I have placed the entire American military from Defcon 5 to Defcon 1! This means all of Americas military might is being prepared to protect our nations homeland. This includes our nuclear arsenal! The only peace terms America will agree to, is for a full retreat! America demands you to take your forces to your homelands and back to that bastard, king fehd at once!”

“I will now go back in to the situation room and contact king fehd and his allies directly to negotiate the terms of this treaty, to the complete will of the United States of America and our allies! May God be with us, bless us and keep each one of us safe and keep America safe blessed and free! May her constitution last forever!”  Then I turned from the cameras and walked away.

As I took my seat to prepare to confront king fehd and his allies, I buried my head in my hands and I thought, ‘God, I don't know what to do, I’m a heartbeat away from launching an all-out nuclear war and I’m asking myself, ‘how did we get to this point? Then I thought oh yes, it’s coming all back to me now!’


It all started with the treason conviction of Senator Lee Bradford.

As I recall, once the decision was made to go all the way to a congressional hearing with this, I figured the safest way to proceed would be by covering our own ass’s right from the start.  So the first thing we did was have numerous copies made of all the documented proof I had obtained over the years, which collaborated my allegations.  Once that was completed, we calculated the time we could have each copy simultaneously hand delivered to their destinations and came up with 7:00 pm.  Each copy was then sealed in separate briefcases and by 1:10 pm on their way out of our office by individual couriers.  As soon as word reached us that each courier was safely in the air and on their way to their prospective recipients, I called for a press conference to be held at Powers Inc. for precisely 7:00 pm that evening.  The rest of that afternoon was spent frantically brainstorming over how to present my case to the American public, without appearing guilty myself. 

At that point, Tom convinced me that I would have to alter my story just a bit to cover up the reason I chose to release this information the first time which happened to be the same day of my Wall Street incident in order to protect myself and my family.  Otherwise I stood to incriminate myself for ‘Insider Trading.’  After reluctantly agreeing it was time to put our story together.

It was only two minutes before confronting a conference room full of reporters, which I realized by sheer coincidence our 7:00 pm news conference just happened to correspond with the major network’s national news broadcasts.  So, when I stood before those reporters and their cameras, I knew once I started speaking, they would have my image beaming live into the living rooms of the entire nation.  That knowledge caused my voice to crack as I said, "Good evening' {cough!}  Please excuse me.”  I cleared my voice, smiled and continued, "Let me try that again."

With that, a friendly laughter filled the room which immediately caused me to relax, just enough to proceed with confidence as I said, "First, I'd like to thank you all for coming and I promise this won’t be boring.  Next, I respectfully request you refrain from all questions or outbursts, until I have completed my entire statement.”  I stopped for a sip of water then continued, "Now that, that’s out of the way we may begin.  As I speak there will be copies of documents passed out to each one of you.  These copies are exact duplicates of files, which have been sent to the President and the heads of the FBI and CIA.  These files hold documented proof of the allegation I am about to make of conspiracy and treason, against our nation by top officials of our own government."

Instantly the room became filled with shouts of questions from the shocked reporters as they all scrambled to be the first to go live.  Once I regained control of the press conference, I continued by saying, "If you will recall, on November 14, 1981, there was a congressional hearing called to investigate the current Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Republican Majority Leader, Senator Lee Bradford.  This investigation was ordered by the Ways and Means Committee six-months after Senator Edward Kenney, made allegations of a conspiracy between the then, Head of NASA, Dan Pigeon and the President of Bradford Computers, Lee Bradford. 

The charges alleged that the current Republican Presidential Candidate and Former vice-president Dan Pigeon, had conspired with Lee Bradford for financial kickbacks, before ever awarding the entire computer manufacturing contract, for the space shuttle to Bradford Computers.  Bradford Computers was awarded this astounding, one hundred billion-dollar, government project in 1975, and since Senator Bradford once worked for NASA as one of the main designers on NASA's own computer programs, Senator Kenney had many questions he wanted answered, concerning possible improprieties. 

In an attempt to head off an investigation, Dan Pigeon still heading NASA at the time, then canceled the Bradford Computers contract and awarded it to Peach Computers and Victory Technologies.  At the time Senator Kenney made his accusations, I was married to Senator Bradford and knowing him, I did not believe it possible for him to be involved in a conspiracy.  However, because Lee Bradford miscalculated the response of his fellow Senate members, I discovered differently.

Since the contract between NASA and Bradford Computers had been canceled, Lee never expected a congressional hearing to be called; thus, when it did it caught him off guard.  Fortunately for the Senator, news of the hearing came to his attention the night before it was made public.  He was informed that a Federal Marshal was to arrive at 8:00 am the following morning to seize all of Bradford's business and personal financial records.  That very night certain documents, along with a computer disc belonging to my now ex-husband Senator Lee Bradford, came into my possession.  Lee told me the documents were for a secret new computer he was designing and he asked me to keep them in hiding until he needed them.  I did as he asked and after he was cleared of all charges from the Congressional Hearing, he asked for them back.  I thought it odd and I became concerned I may have inadvertently helped conceal evidence of a crime, so I made copies of everything before returning them to Bradford.  I had no idea what these documents contained, because they were in a seemingly undetectable computer-generated code, but I knew I had to decode the message if I was ever to know the truth.”

With that I thought, ‘Lord, forgive me,’ as I proceeded to lie through my teeth to cover my ass.  I honestly had no idea what the code meant until I finally deciphered the first line which was simply one word, Christina.  When I loaded the disc and typed my own name into my computer, I found myself entering NASA's top-secret main computer through a built-in back door.  This discovery was made on December 1, 1988, when I obtained ownership of Bradford Computers.  The following day I informed Senator Kenney of my discovery.  He immediately called for a second Congressional Investigation of Senator Bradford, only this time it was on charges of treason and espionage.  Before I could get copies of these documents and the disc to Senator Kenney, I was nearly killed by a gunshot wound.  The investigation was then placed on hold, until I was well enough to come forward with my evidence.  Only the very night I was released from the hospital, I was requested by the then, newly elected President George Rush, to turn the evidence I had over to him.  He informed me the information I had would become a threat to national security if it was made public.  He wanted me to turn the true documents over to him and turn a phony set of documents over to Senator Kenney.  I did as the President requested and gave him what he believed was the only copy of these documents and the disc in existence.  Then I turned the phony documents over to Senator Kenney and the following day Senator Bradford was once again cleared of all charges. 

After turning the evidence over to the President, I never mentioned it again.  I decided instead to begin doing some very subtle investigating of my own.  I then acquired the assistance of my attorney Tom Davies, who for the last eight years persistently gathered the puzzle pieces to what was clearly unfolding into some sort of political conspiracy.  Then at 10:00 am this very morning the puzzle was finally completed, and I understood the gravity of the crime committed against our nation and her people.  The folders you have received contain dated, documented proof of a conspiracy which spans three decades.  It began in 1972, when President Richard N. Bixion signed an Executive Order that officially started NASA's Space Shuttle Project.  He then appointed his nephew Dan Pigeon who had just graduated from Yale University, to head NASA's new Space Shuttle Project.  Once settled into his appointed position, Dan recruited a brilliant young computer scientist, who also recently graduated from Yale, for a top position on NASA's new computer design team.  That young man was Lee Bradford and the team which Bradford headed only six months after joining NASA, was given the mission of upgrading NASA's entire computer network.  This team then built the computer and the program which enabled NASA's computers to create a precise computerized design of the spacecraft, needed for the President’s new Space Shuttle Project. 

The upgrades of NASA's computers were completed on September 10, 1973, and work on the computer design for NASA's new Space Shuttle began two days later.  NASA records show the computer design for the new spacecraft was completed by the same group of NASA Scientists, headed by Lee Bradford in December of ‘74.  Shortly after, in January of ‘75, Lee Bradford resigned from NASA and immediately established Bradford Computers Incorporated.  Then in June of ‘75, NASA began awarding contracts to build the new Space Shuttle.  That’s when Bradford Computers received a twenty-year, one-hundred-billion-dollar government contract to build all the computers NASA would need for its Space Shuttle Program; thus, in one day, turning Bradford Computers into the largest computer manufacturer on the face of the earth.  

My next astonishing discovery came upon the examination of every aspect of Bradford Computers.  For the six years that Bradford Computers held NASA's shuttle account, the company was purchasing all the electrical components for the computers from Westly Electronics.  Then I find out Westly Electronics was a front corporation actually owned by Dan Pigeon himself. 

Needless to say, both men made a fortune between the years of 1975, and 1981.  But that all came to an end the moment Senator Kenney called for a Congressional Investigation.  Only their greed didn't stop there, because Bradford and Pigeon were not about to give up their lucrative arrangement that easily.  So they had to devise a way around Congress before an investigation could be voted on.  Once they decided on a course of action, they had vice-president George Rush delay the vote for the 1981 hearing, while Pigeon and Bradford publicly cancelled the contract between NASA and Bradford Computers, stating: ‘The fact that Senator Bradford was a former employee of NASA was simply an oversight on NASA's part.’

While this was being done publicly, Lee Bradford, who was the top computer scientist in the field at the time, was secretly slipping into NASA's mainframe through his own private back door.  Once in NASA's computers, he planted a virus which would without detection, slowly disable every computer system for the Shuttle Project that was not manufactured by Bradford Computers.  His next move was to switch the computer design for the O-rings on the shuttle's solid rocket boosters, with a flawed design.  He knew under the right conditions of cold weather during a launch, the flawed O-ring design would fail, allowing hot gasses to leak out of the boosters through the joints.  Flames from within the booster would then be able to stream past the failed seals, causing the spacecraft to disintegrate into a ball of fire.  From that point on, they sat by watching and waiting, as time after time NASA suffered numerous computer system delays and shutdowns.  Then on January 28, 1986, their waiting ended with the Challenger Disaster. 

After the Challenger, all shuttle missions were halted, while a special commission appointed by then, President Feagan determined the cause of the accident.  The commission which was also headed by Senator Lee Bradford said, ‘NASA's decision to launch the shuttle was flawed, due to an inferior computer monitoring system.  The system failed to alert top-level decision-makers, of problems with the joints and O-rings, or the possible damaging effects of cold weather on them both.’

After that Shuttle Designers, with help from Bradford Computers, made several technical modifications, including an improved O-ring design and the addition of a crew bail-out system.  The commission's findings then helped justify Dan Pigeon's decision in May of `87, to once again award Bradford Computers the entire shuttle contract.  After discovering all this, I realized the only reason George Rush wanted to conceal this crime, was simply to cover his own back.  He knew if his vice-presidential choice was caught up in a conspiracy against NASA, it would have crippled his administration before he was even sworn into office.

Now, if you will compare the O-ring design which is dated Jan 15, 1979, which I received from Lee Bradford in `81, to the design which the Commission headed by Lee Bradford submitted to NASA after the Challenger Disaster, you will find they are one and the same.  My Fellow Americans, all the evidence I've presented is why I am now publicly accusing Senator Lee Bradford and Former Vice President Dan Pigeon, of the calculated destruction of the Challenger Spacecraft and the cold-blooded murder of the Challenger’s seven-member crew."

From that moment on, we were plunged into a four-month nightmare which nearly consumed our every thought, as we were deluged with questions on a daily basis.  It was awful!  Between the White House, the FBI, the CIA and Congress, I was going nuts.  But worst of all were the press, for they were ruthless with their persistent questioning.  The world's eyes were on us with such intensity that it was impossible to shield Taylor from the madness.  Finally, at 2:00 pm on November 3, 1996, the whole unbelievable ordeal came to an end with the sentencing of Lee Bradford and Dan Pigeon to ‘life without parole’.  As we made our way from the courthouse to the limo after the sentencing that day, we were swamped by the press and their questions as they shouted, "Christina!  Are you satisfied with the verdict?"

I knew I had to respond to their questions so I stopped and said, "I am pleased with the verdict, but at the same time dismayed with the reality that trusted leaders of our nation could actually perpetrate such a violent act, for the purpose of financial gain."

Then came the next question, "Christina, what are your views of the new Republican Presidential Candidate, Senator Zole?"

I smiled as I replied, "I haven't had the time to see where he stands on the issues as of yet, so I don't feel I'm adequately informed to answer that question fairly."

I pointed for the next question, "Christina, with the election only a few days away, how would you rate the current Administration’s accomplishments?"

With a disappointed tone I replied, "I'd feel much more confident in their ability to get things done, if I saw a little less rhetoric and a lot more action.  The fact there is still no Comprehensive National Health Care Program, or how quickly the President folded on the issue of ‘Gays in The Military’ leaves me disillusioned, to say the least."

The young reporter was swift with his follow-up, "Well, then how do you feel about the independent party’s candidate?"

I nearly laughed at that one, but I managed to keep it to a smile as I replied, "The concept of running our nation as a business is just the kind of radical change, I believe our nation needs, but I think we should have someone a little more stable to implement such a dramatic overhaul of our government."

"That's quite a controversial statement," the reporter stated.  "Especially since Mr. Proeat has already proven his ability as a successful business man?"

"Maybe so, but you asked for my opinion and I gave it to you."

"Are you saying you could do better?"  He quickly replied.

I answered with an air of confidence, "Without a doubt!  Now it's already been a long day so I'll take only one more question."

"Christina, if you can't find one virtue among the field of candidates; then, why don't you consider running for office yourself?"

That’s when I started laughing as I answered, "I have enough to do already with raising a four-year-old, BUT I'LL THINK ABOUT IT."







We thought once the verdict was in, we’d go back to our secluded lives, so immediately after that interview we left Washington, D.C., and headed for our home on the Powers Complex in Milton, N.Y.  From there our plans were to wait a few weeks for things to cool down, and then sneak back to our mountain hideaway; except once again fate stepped in with her impeccable timing and changed our plans completely. 

For you see the day after the trial ended, just happened to be November 4, Election Day 1996.  That morning as Jimmy, Michael and I read the papers over breakfast; we were actually amazed by what we read.  The front-page headlines hardly had anything to do with the election at all.  It seemed the whole world was so consumed with the trial, the verdict, and my participation in both, that it became the story everyone wanted to read about.  Of course, the headlines featured ‘little old me’ as a national hero, with captions like the New York Times ran, "Christina Powers topples corrupt government officials with her own style of justice."  It went on to read, “Then she says she is contemplating running for the White House herself in the year 2000!”  Or like the one the Post ran, "After exposing the crime of the millennium Christina Powers