Forbidden Child

A Modern Day Literary Masterpiece…

Hi my friends, with great excitement, I can now announce that I have contracted with ACX audiobooks for the audio release of ‘Forbidden Child’ the first book in the For

bidden Child Novel Series. I feel as though I am a heart-beat away from a dream come true. Over the last 5 years I have given all that I am to reach my dream. I have jumped every hurdle which stood in the way of publishing and promoting the Forbidden Child Series and thanks to the support I’ve received from all you Forbidden Child fans, I have been encouraged to press on. If the sales of the audio are promising then audio production of ‘Forbidden Child 2 Secrets Revealed’ and ‘Forbidden Child 3 Exposed’ will begin. I believe with all my heart this series which tells the fictional life story of the illegitimate daughter of Hollywood’s Queen, Marilyn Monroe and the most iconic President of our time John F Kennedy, is a true “Modern Day Literary Masterpiece”; with a message of the power of love for all of America, at a time America needs it the most. This is why I am asking you to help me fulfill my dream. Please go to Amazon Audiobooks and purchase your copy of Forbidden Child. I promise you will not be disappointed. I thank you and I dedicate the Forbidden Child Series to all of America. I also ask you to please share this message with your friends and I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Sincerely, your friend James Aiello #forbiddenchildbyjamesaiello

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