Forbidden Child

I signed out against doctor's advice and left the hospital. As I headed home, I begin to think about Johnny. In my heart I realized he loved me. I knew he was probably looking for me at that very moment. I stopped quickly at a florist shop and bought two dozen red roses with one white one in the middle. On the card I wrote, "Johnny my beloved we are going to have a baby!" With anticipation I ran into my penthouse looking for Johnny, but he wasn't there. I drove to his condo in Tarrytown and my heart leaped when I saw his car. I grabbed the flowers and ran up to the door. I opened it and ran in yelling, "Johnny, Johnny my love!" My heart crumbled when I burst into the bedroom and found him lying in bed with Kathy beneath him. I screamed, "You bastard!" As I drew my hands to my face, "how could you Johnny, how could you? #forbiddenchildbyjamesaiello

how could you? " I threw the flowers right into a shocked face and ran out crying. It was horrible. I was devastated. I cried frantically as I spend wildly through the streets. I rounded a corner lost control and plunged down a 6-foot embankment to an abrupt stop. I set there crying in the dark for 6 hours. As the sun rose, a police car spotted me and back to the hospital I went.

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