Forbidden Child

I screamed again, "Who were they Frank? Tell me Frank! Tell me!" With an enraged expression his jaw clinched, "your mother was the queen of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe and your father was once the president of the United States, John F Kennedy and I'm the only person in this world still alive who knows that." I backed away from him screaming, "do you know what you're saying? Are you mad?" He grabbed me and tried to kiss me and I scream, "stop it, let me go! Let me go!" As I struggled to break free from his arms he screamed in my face, " you're a FORBIDDEN CHILD Christina, and you're mine!" I screamed and wildly fought my way out of his powerful grasp. I ran down the steps crying all the way, and as I ran he screamed at me, "you can't leave, your mine! Come back here now! Come back here or you will never perform again!" I opened the door and ran down to the car. I jumped in and sped away in hysterics. I tried desperately to calm down and compose myself before I reach the airport.

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