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James Aiello's May 2016 letter

Hi my friends, it’s me, your friend, James Aiello, also known as the author of the ‘Forbidden Child’ novel series. First let me apologize for being silent since Christmas Day 2015, the date “Forbidden Child III Exposed” was released. That very night something kept telling me to stop, put the books down, and find yourself again. I realized I had forgotten who I was as a man, and what was really important to me. I knew I had to put my ‘first love’ and all consuming passion; the books, the tours and the writing, down. My obsession to write and get these novels out to the world had become so intense that it took control of my every thought. That night I looked straight in the face of my faith, my fears, and obsessions and I did just that. I put Forbidden Child down. In the process I found love so pure I will never let it go as I realized everything I’ve done for the Forbidden Child novels and in my life has always been driven by love and crazy-faith. I remembered what truly matters is living a life touched by love for family, friends, humanity and nature; as well as passion for everything you do and a little-insanity. In stepping away from the book tour I returned to my second passion in life, nursing; and working as a hospice case manager with terminally ill patients. Once again, ‘Love’. Over the months I’ve searched my soul and found a happiness that I have not had for some time. At the same time I could not forget the reason I wrote the Forbidden Child Series; and that was to weave the messages of the power of unconditional love between the lines of a modern day literary masterpiece. Knowing the message these novels hold of love for heaven, humanity, and nature it breaks my heart to see what is happening in our world today. We are surrounded by political world leaders and religiously inspired minds all over our nation shouting a chorus of hatred, discrimination, segregation, fear and injustice against anyone who’s political, religious, racial, sexual, or other beliefs differ from that of their own. I watch as our Nation is consumed in a political battle so dysfunctional that we as American’s should be appalled by the rhetoric of hatred heard at our political rallies every day. It’s the blind leading the blind and like the lemmings we will all fall off the cliff. How will America ever come together in a climate so divisive and filled with hatred? What kind of society have we become? When did we forget it’s our responsibility as the only living creation on this planet with the God given commandment to show mercy, to be merciful? We are being called to allow the light to illuminate our path on earth, not to darken it. Instead our political parties are hurling daggers at each other; as our religious leaders declared war on our LGBT community. It saddens me because I don’t see love. Our political parties should be joining forces to face the numerous obstacles the future holds for our children and instead they’re working separately destroying that future; and our religious communities should be extending compassion and acceptance to our LGBT community not evil malevolence and intolerance. For wasn’t the ultimate lesson which ‘Christian religious leaders teach’ given on the cross, mercy? To all faiths, what happened to the lesson of love your neighbor as yourself? As I meditate I can hear legions of angels pleading for mercy on our behalf because they know the hatred and lack of love in our world has become so intense, that the earth is getting ready to spit us up and shake us off because we are destroying her. Will we ever hear the spirit of God crying, ‘show mercy’, and love all life unconditionally, over the shouts of hatred and anger? Think about it; just think of what we could truly do to save ourselves and our world if we worked together. As these thoughts flow through my soul I can’t help but remember why I wrote the Forbidden Child Series. It was because I believe in my heart that this story is a spiritually inspired message from Heaven to America of the power of unconditional love. I know this story will open hearts and minds once it’s read and maybe even help start America on a new direction toward love, peace and harmony. This is why I’m coming once more to my family, friends and fans asking that if you feel what I’m saying is true, then please help me spread the message of Forbidden Child. Because I feel this may be my last chance to get this message of love out to America I have decided to offer all three novels one last time for free on Kindle June 17-27 and I’m asking you to please help me get this incredible message of love out to America and then the world. I’m asking because I still believe in miracles and I hope you believe too and will help me fulfill my miracle by sending this message of love all over the world. I have also decided that if this is truly part of my destiny then this message will spread, and if not, then I will lay the Forbidden Child Series’ to rest. I am now leaving it all to my God and my fans to help make this writer’s dream come true. It’s in your hands my friends and I’ll be praying your hearts will be moved to help me fulfill my destiny.
To all my family, friends and fans, I say thank you folks for your help, 
Your friend,
James Aiello author of the Forbidden Child Series

This is the ad we ran in the New York Times, Book Review Section 9/7/2015 

These are some of our ads.

We had our friend Willie D. design a new ad for us. We are planning an ad blitz all over the world.

Biz to Biz Palm Beach Business Expo !

Forbidden Child and James Aiello will be at the Palm Beach Business Expo on Wednesday February 18th 5-8 pm at the EMBASSY SUITES Hotel in Boca Raton FL. The address is 661 NW 53th Street in Boca Raton, FL. Tell your friends and come out and see us. 






Grecian Garden Cafe

May 15, 2014



Off The Traxx

May 8th, 2014