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Christina Powers American Goddess
Hardcover signed- $40.00

                                                                    Christina Powers American Goddess

I welcome you to take a fantastic roller coaster ride of raw emotions, as you read the most proclaimed and controversial novel of the twenty first century, American Goddess!  This is a fiery, sophisticatedly provocative adult novel which tells the dramatic, heart-felt story of the rise to power of the first woman president of the United States of America!  You will immediately fall in love with the enchanted starring character, Christina Powers, as you meet a beautiful eight-teen-year old rising movie and pop star, who seems to have it all.  Then you will be crushed with her as you watch her evil uncle, the notorious Frank Salerno, destroy this innocent rose of pure beauty with such viciousness, it leaves her shunned by the entire nation.  Be prepared to be swept away with tears, laughter, pain and triumph by this once innocent child, as she vows and works toward her revenge.  In her all-consuming drive to destroy her uncle, she becomes the perfect ‘black widow’, devouring every man and obstacle that gets in her way.  Supernaturally chosen by the extraterrestrial alien beings who guide her steps, watch as she schemes her victory over her uncle, through a road of fortune and world-renowned fame.  In her drive for revenge, her alien guides force her to become aware of her own true spiritually, as well as the needs of the people and the world around her.  As she grows in popularity, this awareness of the pain and suffering of others begins to eat away at her hardened heart, so much so, she finds her passions building to help those less fortunate then herself. Thus, she decides to use her wealth and popularity with her fans to catapult herself as a world advocate for human rights and a cleaner environment.  That’s when the fire really begins to burn!  She uncovers an international plot by a group of united Arab nations, headed by the newly anointed King of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Fehd, and the governments of Russa and China to under-mine the economies of the western world.  Their plans include the destruction of the nation of Israel and the economic enslavement of the entire world under the King’s oil rich thumb.  With this discovery, Christina finds herself fearfully compelled by her extraterrestrial guides and this ruthless world leader’s plot, to run for the office of President of the United States of America, in order to stop this madman and save the world!

Now please sit back, hold on, and enjoy the adventure, because you are about to be swept away, by the mesmerizing, ‘Christina Powers’.  

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The Forbidden Child Series
Book 1 Forbidden Child $15.00 Signed
Forbidden Child book 2 SecretsRevealed  $15.00 Signed
Forbidden Child Book 3 Exposed $15.00 Signed
Sensational and compelling!  
Forbidden Child grabs ahold of your mind and heart and won't let go. Forbidden Child catapults readers into the twenty-first century with a powerful look at some of the most sensational  events of our time. Energetic and fast paced, Forbidden Child takes readers behind the scenes to rub shoulders with the brightest stars in the entertainment industry. Witness secret deals with Mafioso kingpins. Make world shaking decisions in the executive board rooms of the Fortune Five Hundred. Sleep in the boudoirs of powerful rulers and wield power in the Oval Office of the White House. Never a dull moment, always an exiting adventure! Sex, money, crime, politics, all these and more combine to make Forbidden Child one of the most exciting and provocative Novels of our time. Christina Powers, beautiful, talented, rich and well connected, has it all together. Until she falls in love, threatening to turn her back on her wealth, her fame and her controlling Mafioso uncle who made it all possible. Will she discover the identity of her real parents and fulfill her destiny?
Forbidden Child

Forbidden Child II Secrets Revealed

This amazing sequel to FORBIDDEN CHILD continues to delight the reader further with the trials and tribulations of the beautiful Christina Powers. Undaunted by the deceit and betrayal from the most powerful men in her life, she overcomes each and every obstacle resulting in her becoming more powerful and loved by her many fans. She is truly a woman of extraordinary talents and determination who won't rest until she realizes her destiny despite her shocking discoveries along the way. Aiello continues to tell his story with a novelist's verve, conjuring the grandeur of the scene, and the power of some imaginary historical moments. He brings to life the human emotions and fragilities behind great events. . . . . . .Never disappointing!


Frank Rossi

Inter-national review

Forbidden Child III 

Forbidden Child and it's sequel, Forbidden Child II , Secrets Revealed were rich and compelling novels of love, sex, deceit, ambition and power. Their author, James Aiello doesn't disappoint with the most recent novel, the third in the series: Forbidden Child III: Exposed. In the first of this series, he introduces a woman of extraordinary determination and desire, Christina Powers. She is determined to learn the truth about not only her true identity, but to overthrow her Mafioso uncle who tries to control her career and her life. She succeeds in both and along the way becomes a well known singer/actress, adored by her many fans world wide; assumes the position of a corporate CEO managing companies worth billions : and is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for all her humanitarian accomplishments through-out the world.

In Forbidden Child III: Exposed, readers will be hooked from the first page to the last. Aiello has a laser focus and understanding of critical issues facing America and the world through his protagonist, Christina Powers. This book is a captivating read that reeks of credibility cleverly written by an author who lives what he writes. This 'masterpiece' shows us the true power of unconditional love!

 Don't miss this one! 

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